Plan Bleu publications

Plan Bleu publications

This section shows the latest Plan Bleu publications related to environment and development in the Mediterranean.

Demographic trends and outlook in the Mediterranean

From 1960 to 2020, population growth in the Mediterranean basin was lower an that of the world as a whole. Nevertheless, the Mediterranean basin population has experience profound upheavals which are expected to continue up to 2050 due to the significant inertia of demographic phenomena.

Mapping of observatories and observation systems

Observing and monitoring the environment to better understand how it functions and interacts is essential for conducting assessments and supporting decisions. A mapping of national observing systems was carried out in 2020 by a team of consultants from the ‘Laboratoire d’idées Littocean‘. The report and the associated synthesis aim to identify the main stakeholders involved in environmental observing systems and marine and coastal activities, and to synthesize the state of environmental monitoring activities in this field.

Report on the State of the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean (SoED 2019)

The report will present a comprehensive and updated assessment of the status and main sustainability issues related to environment and development in the Mediterranean region.

Cartography of building environmental information

Plan Bleu and LittOcean think-tank studied in detail the organization of the environmental observation system for three countries: Tunisie, Israel and France and drafted a summary entitled “the cartography of building environmental information “. These documents present, at the national level, how environmental information is produced, how institutions are structured and how environmental information sharing is organized.