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Specific thematic maps

This section proposes a series of thematic maps produced by Plan Bleu.

| Planche 01

Concentration of pleasure boats moorings in and outside seagrass beds

| Planche 02

Discharge points at sea (WWTP, industries, etc.) and fishing areas

| Planche 03

Offshore installations and boreholes in areas of ecological and biological interest at sea

| Planche 04

Impact of offshore renewable energies (wind power) on migration corridors (birds)

| Planche 05

Quality of sea surface water and coastal ecosystems and main coastal cities

Maps illustrating the relationship between pressures from human activities and the environmental states

A series of maps, illustrating the relationship between pressures from human activity and the environmental states, has been produced in 2020.

Thematic maps - EU Interreg Med PHAROS4MPAS

Set of HD maps produced in the framework of the Interreg Med PHAROS4MPAS project (produced by CNR-ISPRA).

Cruise / Leisure / Shipping

Fishing areas (statistical unit) practices and fishing zone

Offshore wind energy potential

Maps of seasonal temperature and precipitation changes for the Mediterranean Basin

Presentation of an atlas (annex of the First Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1) prepared by the network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change (MedECC), which considers two greenhouse gas emission scenarios (RCP2.6 and RCP8.5) regarding the “temperature” and “precipitation” parameters for 4 seasons.