Thematic macro indicators

Carbon footprint (GHG emissions)

Total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, either directly and indirectly caused by both industrial production and household consumption activities of a country, or accumulated over the life cycle stages of a product (goods and services).

Water footprint

This indicator measures the total volume of freshwater used or polluted to produce the goods and services consumed by individuals, the community, or by companies.

Ecological footprint

This indicator measures the overall pressure placed on ecosystems by human production, trade and consumption of food, energy, goods and services.

Green growth dynamism

The Green Growth Index measures a country’s performance in meeting sustainability targets including the SDGs, the Paris Agreement and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The GEP Index measures the progress made in improving the wellbeing of current generations in relation to economic opportunities, social inclusiveness and environmental protection.

Business dynamism

This indicator assesses the private sector’s capacity to generate and adopt new technologies and new ways to organize work, through a culture that embraces change, risk, new business models, and administrative rules that allow companies to enter and exit the market with ease.