Behavior (Producers & Consumers)

Countries with SCP national action plans

This indicator enables the monitoring of a country’s progress in the policy cycle process of policy instruments aimed at supporting sustainable consumption and production (SCP).

Sustainable public procurement

Measures the share of a country’s total national public procurement spending that is governed by sustainable public procurement (SPP) or green public procurement (GPP) policies (measured by monetary value).

Green patents

This indicator measures the share of environment-related technology patents against the total of technology patents developed by a country.

Generation of waste

Indicator 4A measures the amount of waste generated by a country (in kg per capita per year). Indicator 4B measures e-waste generated per capita (kg). Indicator 4C measures e-waste recycling per capita (kg).

Organic agriculture retail sales

This indicator measures sales of organic agricultural products through domestic retail channels, thus providing an indication of how consumers’ demand for organic products is changing over time in a country.

Plastic waste generation

This indicator provides a clear measure of the amount of plastic waste generation by country.

Social health

This indicator measures the share of a country’s population classified as being overweight.